Remembrance Day 2012 Print
Written by Martin Hervey   

As a reminder for those that were there and for the benefit of those who missed it, Stuart Ayton has put together a video of our Scouts and Cubs (and couple of Beavers) at the Remembrance Day Parade on the 11th November.

The parade followed by the service at the War Memorial was a fantastic one and had a great turnout. As well as the High Street being packed with people watching and supporting the service there was a record number of uniformed groups there this year including members of a number of Billericay's Scout groups.

Our Scouts and Cubs were all very smartly turned out and marched proudly along the High Street, with their heads held high and chests puffed out! We even had one or two Beavers who turned up in uniform and so were able to join in! Between them all they did 5th Billericay proud.

The whole event was even helped by the weather which, after the rain on the Saturday, was glorious sunshine (if a little on the chilly side).

After the Remembrance Service it was all back to 4th Billericay's headquarters for coffee and sandwiches and cakes, which rounded off the day very nicely indeed!

It would be great if we can get an even bigger turnout next year and increase the record.

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