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Written by Chris Ford   

26th April  2011


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to yet another busy term.    

Between now and July we will be working on the Global Challenge. This will involve some activity at home. I would ask that you support your child in completing their home activities.


Before I go on to list the activities, I must remind you that they may be liable to change and I may need to cancel a Tuesday session if work commitments dictate. I would also like to remind you of the new method we have introduced at 5th Billericay for collecting subs. Most of you will already have completed the direct debit mandates by now, but if you haven’t, can I ask that you do it as a matter of urgency. This will help in making the funds available for use on pack activity sooner.  


I would also like to remind you, or for those who are relatively new to the Pack inform you of, the Discipline Policy I have in place. I have attached a brief explanation for your information. The reason I mention this is, towards the end of last term, the behavior of some of the cubs was bordering on the edge of unacceptable. With 17 cubs and only myself in uniform, it can be difficult to run a session if there is a lot of disruptive boys. If I need to dismiss a child, then I will, if only to allow those who want to learn, to learn from the Cubs experience.   


Finally, at the end of this term we say goodbye to Mathew Beadle, Alec Brown, James Richards, Liam Stevens and Alex Sutherland, who have now all reached the age where they move on to Scouts.


Global Challenge 


26th  April 2011                 Discuss  Program 

3rd May                             Global Challenge activity (Country info.)

10th May                           Global Challenge (Recycling)

17th May                           Global Challenge (Charities)

24th May                           Recycling (Homework returned for discussion)

31st May                           Half Term

7th June                           Visit Recycle bank – Bring some products for  recycling                                                 

14th June                         Fathers Day card

21st June                         To be advised

28th June                         Basic Knots

5th July                            Visit Mill Meadows – make use of knots

12th July                          Parent’s Evening to discuss camp (15 to 17 July)

Please note, the 12th is our final session before we break for camp and the summer .



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