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Written by Chris Ford   

Tuesday 11th September 2012


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome back to those of you who were with us back in July and welcome to those new parents who have joined us this term.


For the coming weeks/months we will be working on the Community Challenge. In order to receive this badge, there will be some homework that your Cub will have to complete. Nothing too difficult, just a bit of research and a bit of record keeping.


Whilst I try to plan the evening sessions well in advance, there can always be changes at short notice. This may also involve cancelling a session at short notice because of my work commitments.


Please be aware that as we are associated with St Johns Church, there are Church Parades  every once a month, with the first one for this term being held this Sunday 16th September. If you could please encourage your son/daughter/charge to attend as often as possible. They don’t have to make every Service,  but it is disappointing to see the same one or two Cubs that turn up at every service. As parents, you don’t have to stay for the service, just get them there and Paul, the Vicar, and I will do the rest.


Now down to business. Here are the plans so far:


11th  September 2012              Welcome new members and discuss terms activities

16th  September                       Church Parade at St Johns Church, Outwood Common

18th  September                       Community Challenge (Cubs will have homework issued)  

25th  September                       Tracking at Mill Meadows – weather permitting – please                                                             bring a torch

2nd October                             Community Challenge (Cubs will have homework issued)

9th October                              Community Challenge

16th October                            Community Challenge

21st  October                            Church Parade at St Johns

23rd October                            Community Challenge – Cubs to return homework for    

                                                Discussion (Pet Record)

30th October                            Half Term

6th  November                         Hot Dogs and Sparklers

13th November                        Community Challenge (Return homework and discuss –

                                                Church research)

18th November                        Church Parade

20th November                        Community Challenge

27th November                        Seasonal Craft Creation

4th December                          Seasonal Craft Creation and finish

11th December                        Fun and Games – Final session before break up for



As I have mentioned, I have plans for each session but they could change at short notice. I still need to arrange a visit to St Johns Church which has to be fitted in to the plans. If I have to cancel sessions or move the location, I will let you know. I am trying to make more use of 21st Century technology and will attempt to use e-mails as a means of communicating short notice changes and updates etc. For this very reason, I need to check that I have your up to date e-mail address. Therefore could you please complete the tear off section below and return to me as soon as possible.


You will see that I have made reference to two sets of homework being issued. I would ask that you support and encourage your Cub to complete the homework, as no completed homework means no badge.


And finally, if you want to discuss any of the above or any aspects of your Cubs attendance, then don’t hesitate to speak to me on a Tuesday evening or ring me on my number below.