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Written by Chris Ford   

Tuesday 8th January 2013


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Happy New Year to you all. A new year, a new term and a new program. This term we will be looking at the Promise Challenge, together with the Faith Badge and finishing off the activities that are needed for both the Home Safety and Personal Safety badges.


Before I start to list the activities, there are a few things that I need to make you aware of.


Cub Camp -  The weekend has now been booked and as such I now need the deposits from those who have confirmed that their son will be attending. A deposit of £10 is now required and if you could make payment by the end of this month. Cheques should be made payable to Comanche Cub Pack.   I have looked at the potential cost of accommodation, activities, food etc and have decided that we will need to raise the cost of this years’ camp to £50. The cost of the weekend camp has been set at £45 for some years now, but prices have risen year on year. In the past the Pack funds have subsidised the shortfall, but we are no longer in a financial position to do that. The final camp payment will be due by 21 May 2013. If I can arrange some fund raising over the Easter holidays, this may have an impact on the final cost of the camp. Watch this space.


Swimming Gala  - Unfortunately I am no longer able to commit to being available for the Saturday evening, and as such, I have decided not to submit a Team this time around. For some of you, there will always be next year. For those of you who will have moved on to Scouts by this time next year, Scouts are likely to be submitting a Team next year.


Whilst I try to plan the evening sessions well in advance, there can always be changes at short notice. This may also involve cancelling a session at short notice because of my work commitments. In addition, I am still waiting for a date to attend St Johns during one of the evening sessions, as part of the challenge badge activity.


Just a reminder, we are associated with St Johns Church, and Church Parades  will continue every once a month. If you could please encourage your son/ charge to attend as often as possible. They don’t have to make every Service, but it is disappointing to see the same one or two Cubs that turn up at every service. As parents, you don’t have to stay for the service, just get them there and Paul, the Vicar, and I will do the rest.


Now down to business. Here are the plans so far:


8th January 2013                          Welcome new members and discuss terms activities

                                                      Issue homework – “Good Turn”

15th  January                                Promise Challenge                        

22nd January                                Promise Challenge

29th January                                 Promise Challenge

5th February                                 Promise Challenge          

                                                      Issue homework – “Doing their best”

12th February                               Pancakes – Shrove Tuesday                             

19th February                               Half Term

26th February                               Return Homework (Doing their Best ) and discuss                                                          findings

5th March                                     Home Safety                                                                        

12th March                                   Return homework (Good Turn) and discuss                                                                                                       19th March                                   Personal Safety

26th March                                   End of Term activity


Easter Break from 1 April 2013 for 2 weeks. In the new term we will be working on the Outdoor Challenge.


You will see that I have made reference to two sets of homework being issued. I would ask that you support and encourage your Cub to complete the homework, as no completed homework means no badge.


And finally, if you want to discuss any of the above or any aspects of your Cubs attendance, then don’t hesitate to speak to me on a Tuesday evening or ring me on my number below.