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The following table provides an outline of the equipment needed for camp. Please ensure all equipment is clearly labeled with your childs name.

  • The 'Where' column indicates where the piece of equipment is to be stored.
  • The 'Mandatory' column indicates if you must have it.
  • If the 'Mandatory' column has a K next to the Y this means that it is also Mandatory and checked for by the KISC team prior to going on any hike.

The last column has been added to create a checklist for you to use when packing/buying, if you print this page.

Area Item Description Where
Transportation Base Camp Bag To take personal kit to/from KISC. Large enough to hold all kit but child needs to be able to carry it. These are the Jagged Globe bags for those who ordered them. --


Day Rucksack To carry items needed on day trips. Large enough to hold coats, lunch, etc, but not too big. 30 litres is ideal. To be used as carry on luggage on the plane. Make sure the sack is comfortable, with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt. Advice on selecting a good base camp bag and rucksack can be found here --


Rucksack Liner
Rucksacks, surprisingly, are NOT waterproof. A liner will keep anything in the day sack dry.
Rucksack YK
For access back into the UK.
Rucksack Y
European Health Insurance Card. You can apply for one here:
Pocket Money
£10 in English and £40 in Swiss Francs, in a clearly labeled wallet/purse. This will be stored in the 'bank' along with their passports. An additional wallet for carrying their EHIC card and any money they take out of the bank for the day will also be required.
Rucksack Y
Book to read in quite moments, or a puzzle book One that it doesn’t matter if it gets wet or damaged. Rucksack
To practice navigation when hiking.
Try a disposable if you are worried that your best 'Canon' might get wrecked! Rucksack
Plastic bags To store dirty cloths. A number of plastic carrier bags will be useful to store dirty clothing in. Kit Bag


Sleeping Sleeping bag liner Cotton or silk liner for the sleeping bag. this will keep the bag clean and on hot nights act as a light sleeping sheet.
Kit Bag YK
Night clothes Pyjamas, pants t shirt, need to change from day clothes. Kit Bag Y


Washing Soap/shower gel, toothbrush & toothpaste, deodorant, etc Combination shower gel /shampoo's are good. Don’t make it too big, use half empty bottles or buy sample sizes. No Aerosol containers, roll on only. Water proof bag to contain it all. Kit Bag Y


Towel One Large microfibre, or equivalent, travel towel. Kit Bag Y


Clothes Full uniform Arrive at the airport in it. Will be needed for travel, ceremonies & days out. Travel In


Trousers & Shorts
Hardwearing, NO jeans, because if they get wet they do not dry and then chafe. Convertible trekking/combat trousers combine long and short trousers in one. Kit Bag
T Shirts
Enough, for 8 days. Wicking T shirts are best.
Kit Bag

Underwear, socks

Enough, for 8 days.

Kit Bag Y


Hiking Socks
At least 2 pairs of Hiking Socks.
Kit Bag
Swimming Kit
For when we go swimming in the mountain lake.
Kit Bag Y
Shoes Hiking Boots Worn to the airport. Boots must provide protection to ankles and be waterproof, with sewn in tongues. Boots MUST be worn in, ie they must have walked at least 20 miles in their boots prior to departure. Advice on boot features can be found here. Wear them to Scouts on a Friday to wear them in.
Travel In


Trainers For general walking around the campsite. Kit Bag Y


Flip Flops
For wearing around the lodge.
Kit Bag Y
Wet Weatherproof Coat

Plan for 8 days rain, waterproof not shower proof. Preferably Goretex or equivalent breathable material. This needs to be the best piece of equipment they have. Advice on selecting a weatherproof jacket can be found here.

Rucksack YK


Weatherproof Trousers
A reasonable cheap pair will suffice, no need for expensive ones. They must be able to go on without taking the boots off.
Kit Bag YK
Gaiters For keeping trousers dry in the long grass. Kit Bag

Hot Sun Hat To ensure your Child is adequately protected from sun. Ensure the hat provides protection to the face & back of the neck, either through a full brim, or a peak and back flap. a hat with a chin strap would be advantageous, as it can be windy in the mountains. Rucksack YK


To protect eyes from strong sun. Wrap arounds protect the eyes better. 
Rucksack YK
Lipsalve Sun protective lipsalve for those going on the glacier Washkit YK
Sun Screen
High factor 30+ , but a small tube only please. Wash Kit
Cold Warm hat, gloves To keep the extremities warm. Kit Bag YK


Thick fleece & 2 thin fleeces To keep them warm in cold weather, and at night in the summer, when temperatures drop. Kit Bag YK
Drinking Two, 1 litre water bottles With a good screw on lid to stop leaks. This bottle will get dropped and bashed, so a proper bottle will be needed, i.e. NOT a sports bottle or and empty Evian or Cola bottle for example. Empty for the flight. Rucksack YK


Medication As prescribed
Any illness’s should be declared on the health form, any prescribed or regular medication should be handed to First Aider (Jo Ellis) and should be clearly labeled with persons name and dosage required. Give to First Aider


Dark Head Torch

A good head torch (not a hand torch) that takes AA or AAA batteries. Turn batteries round to prevent switching on in the bag during travel.

2 sets of spare batteries as well.

Rucksack YK


Remember, NO mobile phones, electronic games or penknives. NO Jeans and NO wellies.

We will have a kit check evening for all items marked with a K during the Summer 18 term.

If you need to buy an item of equipment and you are unsure of what product will be best suited, please feel free to contact us and ask, it is easier than having to take something back.

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