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Written by John Drew   

2 day Adventure Hike 2012 

We are rapidly approaching the 2 day adventure hiking camp 2012, on the 29th June to the 1st July. Meeting at the hall at usual Scouts time on Friday, with full kit and in uniform. We estimate we will be arriving back at the hall at 2pm on the Sunday.

The cost of the weekend will be £25, via a cheque made payable to 'Genesis Scout Troop'. The Scouts will also need £5 in a wallet for a train fare and any pocket money you would like to give. We recommend no more than £10.

Your child will be hiking from Billericay to Hockley, via Rochford. They will be fully self sufficient and therefore carrying all they will need for the whole weekend. For this weekend it is really important that your child’s clothing and equipment is as light as possible and fits properly. The key is to keep things simple and light. I have provided a kit list and rationale for the suggested clothing and equipment. Further advice on equipment can be found at the bottom of this letter.

I am always happy to answerer any questions you may have. 

Could you please fill out the form below indicating whether your Scout is or isn't coming and get it back to us with a cheque for the full amount. It is very important that I know either way by the 24th June. Thank you for your speedy responses.

2 Day Adventure Hike 2012

Scouts Name: ........................................................................

Please indicate if they are attending or not:

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Signed:............................................................................ (Parent or Guardian)

Equipment Advice

Walking Boots
Must be broken in and correctly fitting. It is important that they have a good set of boots to support their feet and ankles. Good boots will also help reduce the risk of blisters and make the walk more comfortable.

Walking Socks
Ideally a thin pair of socks worn next to the skin and a thicker pair over the top. This helps to reduce the friction that can cause blisters. Some modern quality proprietary brand walking socks alleviate the need for thin under socks but they can be expensive.

Must be big enough to hold all your child’s kit and still have plenty of room for a cooker and a gas bottle two days food and part of a tent, with only the sleeping mat attached to the outside. It must fit your child’s back and have a good waist/hip belt. Most camping shops will have someone who can help with sizing. (When trying on a backpack ask for the shop assistant to put some weight in it.) Most modern backpacks are not waterproof so please obtain an orange survival bag, most good camping shops sell them and there are loads of websites where you can get them quite cheaply. These are thick plastic bags that are used as emergency shelters. If you open them out and use them to line the inside of the backpack they will keep everything inside dry and don’t tear easily unlike bin bags.

It will be the summer so I don’t anticipate your child getting too cold but it’s a good idea for them to have a warm fleecy top or jacket. They will be tired and sweaty after the walk and the difference in day and night temperature may make your child feel cold.

Denim and cotton are really not very good for outdoor activities, when they get wet they retain the water and chaff the skin. I know from personal experience just how cold and uncomfortable they make you feel. No denim clothing is allowed.

Places like Go Outdoors and Decathlon have ranges of clothes that are not too expensive and are well suited to the activities we do in Scouts, both Blacks and Field and Trek are also good options but are a bit more expensive.

With clothing weight a serious consideration, so I suggest a few light layers (this also helps with warmth.) It is important that your child has suitable spare clothes in case they get wet or cold. A change of socks and pants makes for a more comfortable walk home on Sunday.

When I pack mine or my sons kit I pack things in clear self sealing food bags. For example pants and socks in one bag and spare shirt and trousers in another bag and fleecy top in another bag. This helps organise our kit and keeps everything together in the order it will get used.

Wash Kit
Again size and weight must be the limiting factor, travel and hotel size soaps and toothpastes are great for a weekend away. I suggest the smallest possible towel, I use an old hand towel cut in half. Or a small trekking towel cut in half I use part of the other half as a dishcloth. I suggest a small packet of handy size tissues be include (they make good toilet paper if your child gets caught short)

Mess Kit (eating equipment)
Keep it simple and light.
A plastic or metal mug and bowl a knife and a spoon or a “spork” a small dishcloth and a lightweight water bottle. I like to keep my mug, bowl and knife and fork in separate plastic bags it helps keep every thing clean.

I often use an old clean 2 litre pop bottle as my water carrier.
It will be hot and your child will be working hard so they will need plenty to drink, they will also need to cook a meal from dehydrated camping rations. We will ensure that they have accesses to drinks and plenty of water in the campsite but they will be out on their own for a large part of the day so they will need to be self-sufficient. (With a clear bottle we can see how much they are drinking)

I have listed below the ideal maximum amount of kit your child should have, the list is designed to cover all their needs for the weekend.

Please remember your child will be carrying everything in their backpack plus addition items food, cookers and tents and please get the your child involved in packing their own kit.

Kit List, Hiking Camp – Outdoor / Outdoor Plus / Expedition Challenge Badge.

Walking boots.


  • Walking Socks. One thin pair and one thick pair
  • Walking trousers or similar.
  • Wicking material tee shirt or thin long sleeve top.
  • Thin fleecy top
  • Scout Scarf

Large Backpack

Backpack liner bag (Orange plastic survival bag)

Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat

Waterproof top
Waterproof bottoms (optional)

Spare clothes – For emergency use so should be lightweight and compact.

  • Walking Socks. One thin pair and one thick pair
  • Walking trousers or similar or thin tracksuit bottoms.
  • Wicking material tee shirt or thin long sleeve top.
  • Warm fleecy top or Similar.

Hat or cap.

Basic Minimum Wash (Kit Travel Size.)

  • Toothbrush (handle cut in half)
  • Tooth paste
  • Small hotel style soap or small bottle of travel soap or travel size shower gel.
  • Very small hand towel.
  • Small amount of toilet paper.

Mess Kit

  • Water bottle 2 litres
  • Unbreakable mug.
  • Unbreakable bowl.
  • Knife, fork and spoon or similar eating tool.
  • Small dishcloth

Ancillary Equipment

  • Head torch or small torch, with new batteries
  • Two black bin bags (For wet or dirty kit and for rubbish)
  • Pencil and small notebook (in a plastic bag)
  • Small amount cash for emergency phone call, sweets etc. (in a plastic bag)
  • Small amount of sunscreen
  • Small comfort item
  • Mobile phones (if they have one, which will be put into a sealed bag for the weekend, but will act as an emergency aid)

Please no big bags of sweets, MP3 players or electronic games

Any medication in a clear plastic bag with instructions, if your child is allergic to a particular brand of adhesive dressing please include some suitable ones in this bag. Mark the bag with your child’s name on the outside and ensure this bag is handed to an adult Scout Leader.

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