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Written by Ian Mitchell   

Hello and welcome, to you as a parent and your young person, to 5th Billericay Scout troop. We hope that while you are with us your young person has the opportunity to develop their independence whilst learning to work in a team, as well as having lots of fun. The purpose of this letter is to familiarise you with the places to find key information and the process for 'onboarding' your child.

Becoming a Scout

It can be quite daunting when joining a new Section, for both the new Scout and parents. This simple list of instructions should inform you of what to do. The list has been written as if your child is a cub coming up to Scouts. If they are joining 'off the street', then ignore any references to the cubs. To become a member of 5th Billericay Scout troop you need to do the following:

  1. Scouts can join at any time, however the intake from cubs is either 1st January or 1st September, this means that no one misses a summer camp. For cubs the preceding half term will be spent with both sections.
  2. After being at Scouts for 5 weeks the new member is invested (the 5th week in the programme always has this allocated). At this point they become a member of the Scout section.

By this point the following will need to have been completed:

  1. All required contact details have been provided to the Scout Leader for emergency, event notification and news purposes.
  2. The Scout will have a uniform, as outlined in the Uniform Policy referenced below.
  3. If you are new to Scouting, i.e. not coming up from Cubs, then you will also need to buy a 5th Billericay Scarf for £5 from the Scout Leader.
  4. The subscriptions direct debit is setup as per the Subscriptions process referenced below.


Key Information

The policy of our troop is to communicate with the parents regularly via a Facebook group, Genesis FB Page. As a new parent/Scout (if eligible to have an FB account) you need to register with this group to receive our regular notifications. We also publish information on our website ( in the Scouts section. The following is a list of the key pages on that site:

  1. We are a uniformed association, and our rules regarding uniform can be found in our Uniform Policy.
  2. What we are doing each week, including location and timings can be found on our Programmes page. The latest information on this terms patrol competition can also be found from the Scouts->Programmes->Patrol competition menu item.
  3. Membership fees and how to pay them can be found on the Subscriptions page.
  4. If you need to get in touch with us (or us with you), our InTouch policy outlines how we achieve this, depending on if we are in the hall, at camp, etc.
  5. Any letters we send out can be found on the Letters page, including any activity registrations information/forms. Our information emails always link to these letters.
  6. All of our policies, i.e. behaviour codes can be found on our Policies page.
  7. Finally, every now and then we will right a small news article regarding an activity we have undertaken. These interesting snippets of Scouting life can be found on the News page

If there is anything that is not clear please feel free to contact one of the leadership team with questions, or suggestions for improvement to the site.

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