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Written by Ian Mitchell   

This cold and cloudy Sunday 13th March was a minor event of significance for our Scout Troop in that it was`the day that we would attempt the third and final part of the St Peters Way walk, which runs from Ongar to the coast at Bradwell at St Peters Chapel on the wall. For this final stage we would be walking from Purleigh to the Chapel of st Peter on the coast. This was a slightly different event to normal as we had Olivia and Nyomi, two girls we know who are off to Morocco with World Challenge in a few weeks time and who needed some hiking practice.

The hike itself was nothing to write home about, a very long straight path across country and then up the coast. What was significant was the fact that this last leg was a foot bashing 28.5 Kilometres long and took us from 9am to 5:20 pm (including a little stop to look at the Chapel) to complete. I think a big well done to all who attended. But wait, it doesn't stop there. Of the people who attend James Redgrave and myself were the only ones who completed all three parts of the walk, as well as Henry the dog. This is a super mammoth feat. A total of 75 (20.5+26+28.5) kilometres. A brilliant achievment for James I think you will all agree.

If you would like to find out more about the hike you can at the Long Distance Walkers Association website. This is the st Peters Way Route

This site gives you informatin about the route including an altitude profile.
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