Night Hike - up up and away PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian Mitchell   

If you were caught out on the streets of Billericay on 22nd November you might have felt a strange sense of safety. A feeling that you wouldn't have been able to quite pin down. We are finally able to reveal why this was the case. It was because there were about 100 super heroes (scouts) hiking around the town on the District annual night hike. Some of them were dealing with defeating a group of super villians from the planet ScoutLeader, while the rest were tackling navigational challenges, tasks requiring super human abilities and generally having a good time.

This event is always a popular one with the Scouts and this year was no exception. The theme as you would have guessed was super heroes, with Scouts having to wear a cloak and underpants on top of their trousers. Teams of Scouts were sent out on a circuit of about 15Km, with four challenge bases to navigate to. Scouts earned points at each base for successfully completing the tasks. Points were deducted if teams were caught by Patrolling Scout leaders.

After a good walk they all settled down to videos and hotdogs at 6th Billericays hall (thank you to them for putting everyone up). In the morning after a hearty breakfast every one was once again back into normal clothing and take back to their home planets by their parents. After much tallying and cross checking, 5th Billericay were tied first with 3rd Billericay. It was agreed that we would share the trophy over the next year. The picture shows our winning team.

Well done everyone who took part.

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