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Written by Claire Drew   
This year has been a very busy camping one. Thanks to all of you for enabling the scouts to participate in the valuable and fun experiences offered by camping. Thanks to Ian for making all three camps possible with his meticulous planning and preparation and organization throughout the camps and as a result a good time was had by all.

Community Challenge Camp

This was the weekend camp at Kingston Ridge. A record turnout by every scout in the troop meant that every scout was able to achieve the well earned Community Challenge Badge at the end of it. It was a tough weekend the weather threw everything it could at the scouts including rain, sleet and hail stones. It was wet and cold for most of the weekend. Despite this the scouts soldiered on through it all. They all worked really hard, collecting rubble from around the site, clearing ditches, laying pathways and collecting shingle and relocating it around drainage pipes laid in the ditches they had previously cleared. It was tough manual work, but it wasn’t all work and no play! After a hard day’s work they ate a good hardy meal, thanks to our caterer for the weekend – John. They also all participated in a blind fold trail around the woods following a string guide. Excellent team work meant that they all achieved and enjoyed this, even those that were a little anxious. They were chuffed to bits when they’d done it. Big thanks to all the scouts and their parents for enabling this weekend to be such a success.

Summer Camp—Wow what a week
The story begins on Saturday 25th May 2009. It was early in the morning when Ian Neil Claire Matthew & Christopher arrived at the scout hut to load up all the equipment and take it to the camp site. All was going well and Ian’s detailed   schedule was being closely followed.  The weather was sunny and warm and despite Ian and Neil having to return home for items forgotten they all     arrived at the camp site in good time. Upon arrival however there was no site warden to be found anywhere. Ian was on the phone to his wife checking details etc, Neil was wondering around the entrance of the site. Meanwhile there were other groups arriving and a man on a mobile buggy in the car park all chatting and joking. Eventually Ian got off the phone and told Neil and Claire what info he had; mentioning the warden’s name, the man on the mobile buggy said that’s me.  So we had been wondering around looking for the warden to find out where we should camp and he was sitting there all the time!!!! Just an hour wasted. Never mind eh? They all put in a lot of hard work to prepare the camp site for all the other scouts to arrive. 1 O’clock arrived along with the rest of the scouts. Time for lunch before finishing putting up the patrol tents, leaders’ tents and the naughty tent —not needed — hurray!

Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be poor a great time was had by all!
In true British style we had all types of weather but we didn’t let this spoil our activities.  The sun came out when we needed it. The Pioneering projects were enjoyed by all. The patrol gates were a great success at the beginning of the camp, if not a little ambitious. Good team work meant that everyone got across the bomb-hole and back again with only Dominic getting wet. The adventure course was a great challenge for many but again team work and group encouragement enabled all of the scouts to get round the course. The shelter building seemed to hold the interest of all. They got a little carried away and built more of a house than a survival shelter. Unfortunately the weather meant that they couldn't try it out. There’s always next time. The hike to Devil’s Dyke was postponed for one day in the hope that the weather would improve. This was not the case. The weather did not improve but the scouts braved the challenge of sideways, horizontal rain and walked to the top of Devil’s Dyke. The weather was so torrential that the pub landlord took pity on us when we got to the top and we were allowed into the pub for hot chocolate. That was a great energy and morale boost and all made it back to camp a little tired and very damp, if not soaked, plenty of war stories to keep them going until next camp. The surprise activity went down very well. The weather was beautiful. Just right for mountain biking. By the end of camp everyone had achieved their whittling chip, most of the scouts having made themselves a woggle and some making a tent peg and a spoon.
BOYS will be BOYS!
The scouts really enjoyed the down time. Many an hour was spent exploring the camp site, building dens and generally chilling out. So much so that whenever the leaders wanted to find anyone they always knew where to look! Dominic would be in a tree somewhere near their latest den. Taylor could be found with or looking for the guides. Chris could be found with his nose in a book, Matt and Bradley could be found lighting the fire. Jack’e’ could be found with Jacka’b’ helping in the kitchen and around the site creating drainage holes with their newly made dibber sticks. Tuck shop opening was a bit hit and miss, being open when we were out and closed when we were available but no one seemed to mind as Neil’s Kitchen catered for all their needs. The food was delicious and plentiful. There were campfires every night so the evenings went really quickly. The scouts used the time to reflect on the day’s activities and prepare for the next day. The ‘COOL WALL’, based on the Top Gear program was a huge success. Each night after dinner the scouts got to vote each other up and down the wall depending upon how cool (good) / uncool they had been that day. By the end of the week everyone had settled into the routine and the idea they may be moved up the wall that they were nearly all between the super cool and sub zero sections.

Snowdon Camp
This year the Snowdon trip was organised as leader training. The scouts need to be a little more mature and practiced in the art of camping and hill walking in more hardy circumstances. They will be given the opportunity to develop their skills during their time in scouting. The weekend was a great success. Two scouts were able to attend due to their age and previous experiences. Matt and Chris both achieved personal goals and Chris overcame a fear of heights to complete the expedition to achieve his Explorer Badge (Which Matt already holds). The weather as expected in Wales was wet misty and cloudy but the leaders, taking it in turns to practice their navigation skills, successfully got the party back to the car park at the end of the day.
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