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Written by Ian Mitchell   

Often on some camps we allow the children to bring some pocket moeny with them to spend on sweets, souveniers and gifts for parents. To this end this policy outlines our rules regrding pocket money. Pocket money is often a good way to intdroduce a Scout to budgeting and taking care of valuables.

When is it needed?

All week long camps will be at a campsite that has a shop, or a need for pocket money, so pocket money is allowed on any camp over 3 days. Any weekend camp, or camp up to and including 3 days is unlikely to be at a camp site that has a shop, or a need for pocket money, unless it involves a long hike where there is potential to walk past a shop. Pocket money is allowed for day hikes, or weekend camps that include a long hike , otherwise it is not. If in doubt please ask.


At the end of the day the amount of pocket money is a parental decision. Generally it works out to be about £6 per day as being a rough guide for how much to give the Scout. So for example, for a week long summer camp our experience is that £40 seems to be about right. This equates to approximately £6 per day, but obviously day trips may need more, whilst some days on site may need less. The Scouts therefore learn to budget their money over the week, because the day trip is on the Friday. 

Camp Bank

One of the leaders will be responsible for managing the Camp Bank. Upon arrival at the camp site Scouts will be able to put thier money in the bank. The bank will then open once in the morning and once in the evening to take out / put back money. All money in the bank needs to be in a wallet that is clearly marked on the outside with the Scouts name. The banker will just pass the right wallet to the Scout. They will never touch the money. Of course the banker will watch how much is taken and advise accordingly. We have had Scouts who have asked to take out all £40 on the first day!

Personal Wallet

As well as the wallet that is put into the camp bank we also recommend that each Scout has an additional wallet/purse for carrying money during the day. This stops money being lost by falling out of pockets.


In the unfortunate event that a Scout looses money, we will NOT replace it. This is because in the past w have had Scouts spend their money, then pretend to have lost it to get more money out of the leaders. We do advise them that they have to be careful and that losses are their own fault.

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