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Written by Ian Mitchell   

At Genesis Scouts we actively promote and develop our young leaders as much as we do our Scouts. to this end we expect each young leader to take on a dedicated role within the troop leadership team, as well as general tasks. Currently we have the following roles a young leader can undertake:

  • Tuckshop Manager
  • Badge Manager
  • Troop Quarter Master

Other roles can be created as and when required. As well as undertaking their dedicated role from the list above, young leaders are expected to:

  • Collectively organise games for the Scouts as required
  • Undertake the running of a session once or twice a term
  • Organise a group wide event (not on a normal Scout night) at least once a year

The following provides more detail on what each role involves.

Tuckshop Manager

The role of Tuckshop Manager is to ensure the smooth running of the tuck shop before and after Scouts and at special events, eg the Group quiz night. This involves the following:

  1. Selling 'tuck' to the Scouts
  2. Logging stock sold
  3. Cashing up the 'till' tin at the end of each night
  4. Determining which money is to be moved to the Genesis Scout account and bag it in the bank bags
  5. Advise the Scout Leader of low/depleted stock
  6. Advise the Scout Leder of other requested tuck items 

Additionally the Tuckshop Manager can also undertake the purchasing of tuck

Badge Manager

The role of Badge Manager is to ensure that every Scout recieves the badges they are owed. This involves the following:

  1. Keep track of what badges Scouts have achieved
  2. Manage the presentation of badges to the Scouts, keeping track of who missed a presentation session
  3. Keep a stock of the key badges the troop uses
  4. Advise the Scout Leader of low badge stock
  5. Interview new Scouts to update the badge records on what they have achieved in the cubs, etc or outside of Scouts

Additionally the Badge Manager can also undertake the purchasing of badges

Troop Quarter Master

The role of the Troop QuarterMaster is to ensure that we have all the required equipment the troop needs and that it is all in good working order. This involves the following:

  1. Cataloguing troop equipment requirements
  2. Identifying where the equipment is coming from (ie group QM stores or troop QM stores)
  3. Ensuring we have the right quantity of any given type pf equipment eg Scouts sleeping tents for future planned events
  4. Ensuring all equipment is in good working order
  5. Crating related, smaller items of equipment
  6. Checking equipment out and back in, ensuring it is clean, dry and in working order

additionally the Troop Quarer Master can also undertake the purchasing of new equipment, once approved by the Troop leadership team

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