Air Rifle Range Rules PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian Mitchell   

The following is a list of rules that MUST be obeyed when using air rifles at the hall:

  1. Always do as the instructor says
  2. When told to stop, stop what you are doing immediately and if using a gun, put it down without touching anything.
  3. Always only point the gun down the range
  4. Never go behind the range or round the building
  5. Always leave the gun in a 'safe' state as explained by the instructor
  6. Never leave the waiting area, or the shooting lineĀ unless told to by the instructor
  7. Never shoot or point the gun at people or animals
  8. No food or drink at the range and please tidy up afterwards
  9. Respect the equipment and each other
  10. Have fun

If any of the rules are broken, you WILL be asked to leave the activity immediately. Due to the potential danger of this activity, this is a one strike and out policy.

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