Leader Policy - Expenditure Approvals PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Drew   

This policy covers leader spending and the associated approvals. In general everything needs to be approved by the Genesis Scouts Leadership team, however some small purchases are acceptable with no or little approval. The approvals are as follows:

  • Anything £75 and over needs to be approved by the Leadership team
  • Anything £25 and over, up to £75 needs to only be approved by either the Leader responsible for Finances or the Scout Leader.
  • Anything under £25, can be purchased without approval


The above spending limits are constrained by the following principles:

  • Items are not allowed to be broken down into smaller amounts to avoid approval
  • Collections of items, e.g. 4 tents should be treated at the total expenditure, not at an item level.
  • Events are to be budgeted in full using the event template xls, which is then to be approved by the Leadership team.
  • All events will carry a 10% contingency in the final costs.
  • Actual expenditure for all events will be documented and presented to the Leadership team, highlighting any over spend, or under spend
  • All expenditure will only be reimbursed through the expenses xls.


If anything is unclear regarding expenditure, please contact either the Leader responsible for Finances, or the Scout Leader.


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