Leader Policy - Event Organisation process PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian Mitchell   

The following is a short checklist that outlines the organisation of a typical event:

  1. Event is registered on the annual events schedule and date, event organisor and planning start date agreed.
  2. Outline of the event is documented within the Event plan xls (red tabs) is completed by the event organisor
  3. The outline of the event is approved by the leadership team
  4. The parents letter is written and posted on the website
  5. The event is posted on the Facebook Group, linking back to the letter (Parents accepting the event provides indication of interest)
  6. The event is promoted (e.g. KISC14 parents meeting at the hall)
  7. Permission letters are returned and payment received
  8. Additional details, e.g. Kit lists are published and a Facebook notification pointed to it.
  9. Scouts are updated / reminded about the event on Friday nights
  10. On the day of the event, Scouts arrive and check-in with the Event Registrar, the Event Registrar should confirm the following:
    • Permission slip has been completed and handed in
    • Payment has been made
    • Contact details have been provided
    • Medical details have been provided
    • Penknives have been labelled and handed in
    • Pocket money is in a named wallet and handed in
    • The Scout(s) does NOT have a mobile phone on them
  11. The event is undertaken
  12. At the end of the event, the event registrar ensures all Scouts are picked up correctly