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Written by Ian Mitchell   

This term we will be focusing on the Creative Challenge badge.


This term runs from 3rd Sept to 17th December 2010.


The programme of events for this term will be as follows:







Responsible Leader

03/09/2010 Hall Games Night  No Relaxed Ian
10/09/2010 Hall Cooking up a storm Scouts try to make a curry. See if it is as good as the one we go to eat. (Chef Activity Badge). Yes Relaxed Claire
17/09/2010 Hall Photography Hike Bring Digital cameras, walk around billericay. Best photos win points. Creative Challenge badge - Area 2. Yes Relaxed Ian
24/09/2010 Hall Survival Training Now get out of that. Creative Challenge badge - Area 4. Yes Relaxed Claire
 26/9/2010Billericay train station St Peters Way part II Hike  To walk the other half of the St Peters Way that we did earlier this year.No Scarf Ian 
01/10/2010 Hall Robot Model Making Makea life size robot from recycled stuff. Creative Challenge badge - Area 5. Yes Relaxed John
08/10/2010 Hall Games Night Fun, fun, fun!!! No Relaxed Matt
15/10/2010 Hall Indoor Pioneering how high can you go. Creative Challenge badge - Area 5. Yes Relaxed Gareth
22/10/2010 Hall Scary Movie night Free popcorn and tuckshop open all night!! Bring a teddy to cuddle. No Relaxed Patrol Leaders 

Half Term

05/11/2010 Hall Performance planning and initial rehearsal Six skits. One per patrol, and one for all of the Patrol leaders. Yes Relaxed Matt
12/11/2010Local IndianCurry Night Try it, go on, it wont hurt you! NoRelaxedIan
19/11/2010 Wickford Night hike Escape from Colditz and make it to the Swiss border before you get caught by the German stormtroopers! No Relaxed Ian
26/11/2010 Hall Rehearsal Practice makes perfect Yes Relaxed Matt/Claire
03/12/2010 Hall Rehearsal Practice makes perfect Yes Relaxed Matt/Claire
10/12/2010 Hall RehearsalPerformance postponed to next term.Yes Relaxed Ian
17/12/2010 Barleylands Pottery Painting at Barleylands Creative Challenge badge - Area 2 & Craft Activity Badge. Yes Relaxed Ian
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