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The use of cheques in everyday life is fast becoming history, and therefore the method by which our Scout group conducts its financial business should reflect those of society. Therefore the group management committee have applied some major re thinking regarding the structure around the funding of our group, and have decided to offer all members the opportunity to pay subscriptions monthly, (via standing order) rather than per term.

This has a number of advantages to all. 

  • Once a standing order has been set up, you no longer need to worry about having to remember to send in a cheque each term 
  • Payment will be monthly 
  • You decide the date of payment, allowing better household budgeting 
  • Gift aid can be collected at source

In addition, we have taken this opportunity to review the level that the fees are set at. Currently we operate a teared level of payments, across our sections.

Beavers £30.00 x 3 terms = £90.00

Cubs £32.00 =£96.00

Scouts £35.00 =£105.00

Our fees have not increased for more than three years while our operating costs of running the hall, providing insurance, Scout association fees and all our other costs have all steadily increased, therefore an increased fee will also apply from January. This is going to be a flat fee of £10.00 per month applied across all sections. This equates to £120.00 per year, I’m sure you will agree does continue to offer great value for money. We are currently undertaking the necessary administrative changes to implement this group change from January 2011.

What Do I Need To Do!

A standing order form will be sent out to all members registered on our date base. Please fill it in accurately and return in plenty of time, then sit back with one less thing to worry about.

Last Updated on Saturday, 02 October 2010 10:39