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Vango Beta Tents:

 In the Group we have 5 vango beta 450 tents. The Vango Beta 450 sleeps 4 Scouts comfortably, 5 cramped. For a week long camp 3 Scouts is recommended to give them room for their kit.

These are good for weekend or summer camps and take around 15 minutes to put up. These tents are pitched outer first, with the poles being colour coded with the tent sleeves. They are however not as robust as some of the other tents we have and need to be taken care of (ie no playing worms!!!).

The diagrams below show what it looks like up and the floor plan sizes.
















In the kit bag is the tent inner, outer, tentpole bag with three poles (two grey & one black), a peg bag with 20 (straight) metal pegs and a dustpan and brush set.

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