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Written by Linda Robinson   

On Sunday the 10th July from 9:30 to 12:30 we will be holding a working party to tidyup and address some of the problems with the hall. We would appreciate it if you are able to come, bring your young person with you, something will be found for everyone to do. We are looking to achieve some of the following:

  • Tidy the lobby area - removing benches, boxes, etc
  • Tidy kitchen removing any rubbish and giving everthing a good spring clean
  • Leveling the gravel in the carpark
  • Clearout the disabled toilet
  • Litter picking up in the car park and around the hall
  • Tidy the toy cupboard
  • clear as much rubbish and as possible.

So if you are around, please come and help.

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St Peters Way - Part 3 - The Final Chapter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian Mitchell   

This cold and cloudy Sunday 13th March was a minor event of significance for our Scout Troop in that it was`the day that we would attempt the third and final part of the St Peters Way walk, which runs from Ongar to the coast at Bradwell at St Peters Chapel on the wall. For this final stage we would be walking from Purleigh to the Chapel of st Peter on the coast. This was a slightly different event to normal as we had Olivia and Nyomi, two girls we know who are off to Morocco with World Challenge in a few weeks time and who needed some hiking practice.

The hike itself was nothing to write home about, a very long straight path across country and then up the coast. What was significant was the fact that this last leg was a foot bashing 28.5 Kilometres long and took us from 9am to 5:20 pm (including a little stop to look at the Chapel) to complete. I think a big well done to all who attended. But wait, it doesn't stop there. Of the people who attend James Redgrave and myself were the only ones who completed all three parts of the walk, as well as Henry the dog. This is a super mammoth feat. A total of 75 (20.5+26+28.5) kilometres. A brilliant achievment for James I think you will all agree.

If you would like to find out more about the hike you can at the Long Distance Walkers Association website. This is the st Peters Way Route

This site gives you informatin about the route including an altitude profile.
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New Easy Payment Subscription Scheme PDF Print E-mail
Written by Neil Bleakley   

The use of cheques in everyday life is fast becoming history, and therefore the method by which our Scout group conducts its financial business should reflect those of society. Therefore the group management committee have applied some major re thinking regarding the structure around the funding of our group, and have decided to offer all members the opportunity to pay subscriptions monthly, (via standing order) rather than per term.

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St Peters Way - Part 2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian Mitchell   

Yesterday, Sunday the 26th September 2010, early on a windy, clouding sunday morning, on a day when the clouds couldn't decide on whether to glide on by or rain on us there and then, 7 Scouts met at the Billericay train station with the sole aim of undertaking the second part of the St Peters Way. This is the story of that hike.

Back in May of this year to raise funds for our up coming, but now long past, trip to Switzerland many of the Scouts walked the first part of the St Peters Way (20 Kilometres) from Ongar to Stock. This time we were doing the second part - backwards - from Cold Norton back to Stock. We all met at 9am and caught the Rail replacement bus from Billericay to Wickford and then one on to Fambridge. Once dropped off by the bus we headed north to the point where the road intersected with St Peters Way. After what seemed an eternity, and a pitstop at a local 'Quicky Mart' type shop, we finally reach the start of the walk. From there we entered beautiful, but open countryside, with the wind directly in our faces. At this point we knew this was going to be a tough hike, one that was going to push all of the Scouts to their limits.

After several hours of winding footpaths, lost gates and trudging up, down, up, down, through recently furrowed fields we finally found a sheltered place to stop for lunch that had, by luck, the only log to sit on on the whole trip. After a quick debate and a lesson in back to back ground sitting for the Scouts it was agreed that the leaders, who if they sat on the ground wouldn't get up, should have the log to sit on for lunch. Once fed, watered, rested and relieved we set off again. Within a couple of Kilometres, whilst out in the middle of no-where, the heavens decide to finally open up and to open up for good. Not with that big rain that bounces off you, oh no, but with that fine drizzly rain that you only find in the UK and which is able to find its way down the back of your neck, into your boots and eventually through everything into your underpants. Probably a bit to much information, but we did still had 12 kilometres to go!

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