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Written by Ian Mitchell   

This weekend the Genesis Scout troop will be bag packing for all of those festive season shoppers at Icelands in Billericay high street to raise some funds to buy 5 new patrol tents. We want to get 5 Vango Icarus 800's. If you are shopping for food and your bags are a bit heavy don't worry, our Scouts will even carry them to your car to earn that extra donation. If you are in town on Saturday the 22nd or Sunday 23rd, pop along and say hi.

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Written by Martin Hervey   

As a reminder for those that were there and for the benefit of those who missed it, Stuart Ayton has put together a video of our Scouts and Cubs (and couple of Beavers) at the Remembrance Day Parade on the 11th November.

The parade followed by the service at the War Memorial was a fantastic one and had a great turnout. As well as the High Street being packed with people watching and supporting the service there was a record number of uniformed groups there this year including members of a number of Billericay's Scout groups.

Our Scouts and Cubs were all very smartly turned out and marched proudly along the High Street, with their heads held high and chests puffed out! We even had one or two Beavers who turned up in uniform and so were able to join in! Between them all they did 5th Billericay proud.

The whole event was even helped by the weather which, after the rain on the Saturday, was glorious sunshine (if a little on the chilly side).

After the Remembrance Service it was all back to 4th Billericay's headquarters for coffee and sandwiches and cakes, which rounded off the day very nicely indeed!

It would be great if we can get an even bigger turnout next year and increase the record.

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Written by Ian Mitchell   

A few weeks ago the Scouts went to the Essex International Jamboree and the feedback I have had has been overwhelming. Clearly everyone had a great time. So to blow away those post Jamboree blues, this short ITV news Article about the Jamboree should bring back some happy memories for those that went and show those that couldn't go what it was like.

See you on Friday.

Olympic Torch visits 5th PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ian Mitchell   

On Friday 13th July, in the middle of a very tense competition games night, that Matt Humberstone had organised, a visitor arrived to meet the Troop. Before entering the hall we asked the Scouts to guess who had arrived. Shouts of Bear Gryles blended with names of people from TOWIE and local football celebrities. None were right, a mean question really because it was a 'thing' not a person that had arrived. Yes, one of the olympic torches. Wow, the Scouts were even more impressed than if it had been the Chief Scout (sorry BG). Everyone was captivated by the current Olympic fever and excitement.

After hearing about the runner and some interesting facts related to the torch (Why it has three sides and 8000+ holes...), we were allowed to take some photos of the Scouts and leaders with the torch.

These photos can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/5thbillericay/sets/72157630576857976/show/

Thanks Claire for organising the visit.

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Written by Ian Mitchell   
Approaching East Checkpoint Sunday

A couple of weekends ago. You remember the weekend. The one between all of that rain (phew). The Scouts set off in two teams on a mystery hike to get their Expedition Challenge badge. They stayed over in the hall on the Friday night, with a full kit check, to ensure they would be carrying the minimum needed. Once personal kit had been rationalised down (Sorry Amy for making you leave three makeup bags and a hairdry behind.), they were then given their team equipment (stove, tent, food, etc) that they had to divide up amongst their team. The older lads kindly took more than their fair share to hepl the younger ones. from this point onwards they were going to be self sufficient for the rest of the weekend. Everything crammed into kit bags, they were sent around mill meadows on a 'kit trial' walk to ensure that the rucksacks fitted OK. For us this is important because some of them have bags bigger than themselves. Once suitably tired they were sent to bed down in the hall and fell asleep almost straight away (see the method to our madness of getting them to do a little walk).

The next day they woke up bright and early-ish. Kit packed, scouts washed and breakfast eaten, it was now down to Paul and I to give the two reams their first coordinates, one of ten they would have to navigate around over the weekend. The first team was set off and the second team 20 minutes later. The first checkpoint was at Billericay train station, where they got a train to Rochford (checkpoint 2), from here the two teams would be taking different routes, so no following each other! At the next checkpoint (East or West) the teams were given their final destination, where they would be sleeping (Belchamps Scout campsite). Once at the camp, tents were erected and prepared (sleeping bags, etc layed out. Time to find teddy). When the second team eventually arrived and settled, they all cooked their own meals on the small stoves provided. Top tip for any budding Scout Leaders: this is the best type of camp to organise, you hardly have to do anything!!! After dinner it was down to the camp fire for a raucaus sing song, with the only disappointment being them not singing 'Charlie had a pidgeon'....just ask the Scouts.

The next day was very much the same, but in reverse with the teams walking the route they didn't do on Saturday. All catching the train back to Billericay, well I say all, but actually Chris and Liam loved the weekend so much, that they decided to stay on the train to Shenfield. Dooh. One emergency dash over to pick them up and we were all back on track (pardon the pun). Safely back to the hall, kit away and off home for a bath, beer and bed. The Scout leaders probably did the same. A great, fun, exciting, tiring (it really takes it out of you sitting at a checkpoint waiting 2 hours for Scouts to turn up) weekend that we have to give a big thank you to John (ASL - Special Projects) for organising and running. Photos of the event can be seen on Flickr Here:


Finally, thank you to who ever arranged for it to not rain that weekend.

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