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Written by Martin Hervey   

As you probably know there is a garden around the statue of the Child in the Park, the paths in the garden have always been a problem and the Friends of Lake Meadows hope to refresh and improve them.  There is a system of green, plastic, honeycomb shaped paving grids which it was intended should have grass growing up through them, but this has not worked, so the idea now is to dig out the soil and refill each small unit with gravel chippings, just the job for an army of little helpers.

They would like to start the work on Saturday September 20th 2014 at our next working party. They realise the time scale is fairly short, but feel it is best done before the autumn weather comes.  Please ring Rosie Novis on 01277 631736 if you would like to participate or discuss this further.

As an added bonus, if work is started at 9.30am, then they have a storyteller coming at 11.30am to help create the story of our wizard and the dragon – currently being carved by the main gate.

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