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Written by Paul Richards   

Fireworks Pick Up
This is an event we do every year and in return we receive a donation from Billericay Round Table. Wrap up warm - bring gardening gloves if you have any. Black bags and litter pickers are provided.  Normally only lasts one to one and a half hours. Start time 9.00am.

Christmas Bag Packing
A rota will be prepared and peoples preferences allocated on a first come first served basis. There will be shifts - probably morning and afternoon, with 8 people per shift. Santa hats, baubles and tinsel are essential!!! Bring drink and a snack. There will be two leaders on each shift. Wear smart uniform and engage the customers with eye contact and a smile. Always ask if they want their bags packed. If they ask you what you are collecting for, tell them a Scout trip to the International Scout Centre in Kandersteg Switzerland, where we will be undertaking a series of events and activities to attain the High Adventure Award. This will involve walking in the mountains, climbing and swimming in a mountain lake.

Girls Night In
Get your Mum to invite a load of her girlfriends round for dinner. There is a charge (which is how you fundraise), we suggest £15-20 per person, but in return they get a nice home cooked meal. You will cook this, so I suggest you keep it simple - chilli con carne and rice, curry, spaghetti bolognaise or pasta bake etc. Dessert could be ice cream or a fruit salad or fruit crumble and cream. They should bring any alcohol they want to drink on the night. Before the event you will lay the table, and prepare dinner. During the evening you will greet the guests, take their coats, offer them a welcome drink. Then you will wait their table while they have dinner and dessert. Next they can all relax in the lounge while you serve coffee, organise some simple party games and then do the clearing up. Don't forget to get them to contribute to your Change Jar - this all adds up and helps towards the total. Other fund raising ideas thought up by the Scouts are: Pass the parcel - with challenges instead of prizes - pay a pound for not doing the challenge, donation for a song to be sung/played; or a joke to be told, swear box, raffle, challenge quiz - loosing team pays £5.

Once all the money is collected, give me a cheque or bank payment for the total amount raised, to pay in to the KISC account. If you do the bank payment be sure to email details so that it gets registered against your overall fundraising target.

Easter Bag Packing
A rota will be prepared and peoples preferences allocated on a first come first served basis. Probably the same as Christmas.

Drive/Leaf clearing and car washing
A simple way to raise some funds and help other people is to undertake a task that will take about an hour, and ask for a £5 donation to your fundraising. Ensure you get your parents support and permission and always wear your scarf. Some ideas might be clearing up autumn leaves that have fallen on the lawn, mowing the lawn, cleaning a car (although you will need equipment, e.g. bucket sponge, soap, etc.), clearing driveways of snow. Get in there quick with this one. Or any other suitable job you can think of. Ensure your parents know where you are all of the time and only approach neighbours you know.

Sponsored Walk
We will probably be doing a section of St Peters Way - about 20-26km in length. We will produce a sponsorship form. Ask friends family and neighbours to sponsor you to complete the walk. Handy Tip:  Ask them to sponsor you by the kilometer - rather than an amount for the whole walk. 50p/km seems much less to your sponsors but soon adds up and makes your job easier!

Then do the walk and collect the cash. This event will be good training for the hike in Switzerland as well.

Change Jar
Have a change jar at home and drop all your (and your parents) loose change into it. Create a pretty sign that explains what the moeny is going towards, namely a once in a life time chance to attend an educational trip to the Kandersteg Internaional Scout Centre. Ask Grannies, Grandads and Aunties and Uncles to start one for you too. Be cheeky, ask people who come round to contribute their change - check it is OK with your parents first though.

End of Fund Raising Party
We are looking for a restaurant who will help us host a fundraising event. There will be a set menu with a donation added to the cost  - the restaurant keeps some and we get the extra that was added to the total.

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