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The following questions have been asked either this year or in previous years:

Q: Can my child take a mobile phone?
A: No. This is for two reason, firstly it can upset other children if they see others talking to their parents and secondly if your child was to use it if they are having a 'down' moment, it will distress you. Typically in these situations we have the problem fixed in seconds, when you will worry for hours.
Q: Can my child take a penknife?
A: Absolutely NOT. We are not undertaking any activities that require one and they are a big safety risk.
Q: Does my child need travel insurance?
A: Yes, however this is covered by the cost of the trip. We are procuring insurance through the Scout association.
Q: Can my child take games consoles, mp3 players, etc?
A: Games Consoles cannot be taken, small MP3 players can be taken, as long as they do not have any games on them, such as iPod Touches, etc. Please note, we will not take responsibility for any MP3 player if it gets lost.
Q: Do I need a passport?
A: Yes. And the passport needs to be in date by 6 months from the return flight date. Please check passport expiry date early because we will need the passport number in the spring to register for the flights.
Q: Does my child need an European Health Insurance Card?
A: Yes they do. If they do not have one this link https://www.ehic.uk.com/index-2.html is to the EHIC website for the European Health Insurance Travel card. It is valid in Switzerland for UK nationals. The only thing to note is that there is a £9.95 charge for online applications, but you can apply on the phone or through the Post Office where you can choose their Check and Send service for £2.00.

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