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Written by Paul Richards   


To allow as many Scouts as possible to attend summer camp £350 of the cost is going to be covered through fund raising. We expect every Scout who is going to camp to raise their own target, otherwise the difference will be added to the £250 payment. We however will schedule enough events for you to easily exceed this amount. The table below outlines the events we will organise, when and the minimum target a Scout should be able to raise from each event.

Event Status Date Minimum
Cake Sale Confirmed £10
Fireworks Litter Pick up Confirmed
Christmas bag packing Confirmed
Girls night in Confirmed
Easter Bag packing Pending £30
Sponsored 20K walk Pending £100
End of Fund raising party Option
Change jar Confirmed n/a £10
Total per person £400


Further information regarding these fundraising ideas can be found on the Fundraising Instructions page.

Other ideas include car cleaning, snow shoveling or leaf cleaning, £5 per car/drive/garden.

Also ask your parents if the company they work for does some charity matching scheme, if so and they help you, you might double you money.

Additionally any funds raised from the tuck shop this year will go towards the fund raising, as well as any corporate donations we receive or money from Basildon car parking (12th July).

Any additional fundraising, above and beyond an individuals target will go into the pot, and contribute to providing additional activities, ice creams, etc.

The table below shows each Scout (Patrol and initials) and the amount they have raised from the events so far. This table was updated on the date at the bottom of the page.

Patrol Scout Total raised Cake Bake Litter Picking Girls Night In Chrimbo Bag packing Own Donation*
Fox WR £
KD £
Hawk WH £
OW £
SR £
NH £
JR £
Otter MH £
LW £
EF £
RP £
Stag MR £
HC £
SS £
HB £
Woodpecker EB £
JB £
DO £
BC £
Leaders IM £
PR £
CD £
MB £
JH £
RW £
Young Leaders BC £
RJ £

*If you do fundraising outside of our organised events.

Not only have we received money from our own fund-raising activities, but from very generous donations as well. For these donations we are ever so grateful. Any donation, or other single fund raising payment, will be evenly distributed across those attending.

Any fund raising ideas you may have would be gratefully received, please email Paul Richards.

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