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Written by Ian Mitchell   

OO, OO, OO, the funky Gibbon....

...was ringing in my ears as I navigated the wobbly balance log at 40 ft above the ground with no hand rails. Fortunately I was tied to a safety rig that appealed to the engineer in me for it's simplicity and safety. Where was I, I was on the top level of one of the Rope Runners courses weaving my way through the tree tops to an aerial runway that would eventually bring me down to earth in a big pile of safety bark.

Why am I here was the question on my lips, and then I looked around the maze of tree top courses (set at three levels from beginners to idiots [the one I am on!], I would guess it's called) and saw an entire troop of Scouts, our scouts, have the time of their life. That question answered I then wondered why we had a greater turn out tonight than when we do knots in the hall. Hrm.

Once I had completed the first two sections I suddenly found myself in a rythm and loving it, feeling a bit sad when after several goes the night was over to earliy, but after a good three hour workout. Once back on terra ferma, the chatter among the scouts said it all as they regailed their parents with stories of bravery and how they overcame terrors. Eventually Callum found all of the money that fell out of his pockets (whilst flying upside down) on the big aerial runway and all of the Scouts could go home.

Kiah one of our Young Leaders said of the night "Friday 15th June, Genesis scout group visited ‘Rope Runners’ (Run by one of our parent leaders Jo Ellis) A Start at 6:30pm for a introduction and finally we were all on the ropes. Having so many different courses to chose from everyone had so much fun (even the leaders gave it ago) no-one gave up and we all carried on until 10pm, things went great and we hope we can do things like this more often.

Everyone was so outgoing and gave it a go even if they were scared, the staff were brilliant and were a great help. I’m sure I speak for everyone, in saying a massive thank you to Jo, for allowing us to have this experience! Pictures will be uploaded soon from the night, our scouts had so much fun and we hope we could do something like this again in the future. Again another thank you to Jo, much appreciated."

As the Scouts leave grinning from ear to ear the only question on my mind is how do we top that!

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