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Written by Ian Mitchell   
Thank you, to so many of you who gave Claire and me presents this year. It is nice to know that our hard work is appreciated. Thanks comes in many forms, presents, donations, verbally from parents, etc. Personally I think it can be summed up in the following way: Running a troop night, 3 hours; organising an event, several days camping; the looks of joy on the Scouts faces, priceless.
Now, before I get too sentimental, as you probably know I do not do this all on my own, and many people help out in front and behind the scenes, who I thank very much for their time and assistance. There are a few unsung heroes who I would like to take this opportunity give a special thanks to (and to embarrass):
Claire; for putting up with my daft ideas and keeping me sane
Nicky (my wife); for putting up with me being absent and often to focused on Scouts and not enough on DIY, etc.
Neil (our GSL); for so many things, but for especially being such a reliable support at camps, etc and not forgetting, for those cooked breakfasts
John (our newest Assistant Scout Leader); who's introduction was at the coldest camp I have ever experienced, and recently being dumped in a field on the Night Hike as a 'spy' for hours on end.
Matt H; for the games and for his enthusiasm, especially when organising big evenings, such as the Krystal Maze (watch this space for next year!!!)
Gareth; for feeding the Scouts by running the Tuck Shop, which has raised about £200 already for Kandersteg
Robin; for steady support and especially for being our logistics guy on the 100K hike (a story to be finished next year).
Everyone Else; for all of the other leaders from other sections who helped out on some of the bigger events.
We have achieved so much in 2009, looking back warms the heart, especially the fact that we reached the largest size troop we have ever had. This year we have done:
  • Ice Skating in January
  • Community Challenge Camp in March
  • 100K Hike in April/May
  • Summer Camp in May
  • Snowdon Leaders training in June
  • Krystal Maze in June
  • Giga Camp in July
  • Night Hike in November
  • Relaxing game of 10 pin bowling in December
In doing the programmes we did many Scouts achieved two or more Challenge badges, which are hard to get and wouldn't have been achievable without the support we get.....

.......and finally, it does not stop there; next year we have some even bigger events coming and even more cubs joining. What a year to look forward too.
Thanks everyone for your help, time (and patience through this missive), have a great Christmas and see you in the new year.
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