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Written by Ian Mitchell   

It is our policy at Genesis to ensure that Scouts are proficient at a small, but relevant set of knots. These knots not only will be of use in their Scouting lives, but also in their everyday lives as well. Due to the fact that we are a mountaineering oriented troop, the selection of knots are slightly more biased in that direction to, say, those you would use on a boat.

Additionally Scouts need to know these knots for when we are camping or, more importantly, undertaking a large pioneering project.

To this end we have created an informative 'how to' sheet for Scouts to use to learn these knots. This guide is called the 'Essex Eight', mirroring the famous Surry Six which was aimed at sailing.

The two pictures below, when clicked will open up a full size version that can be printed. We recommend that you print them, and laminate them back to back, once you have put your Scouts name in the name box.

On the first diagram above you will see that several knots are marked with a star. It is the expectation of the troop that any Cub coming up to the troop can perform these knots. Prior to cubs being invested into Scouts they will be tested (and need to pass) on their ability to perform these knots.

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