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Written by Ian Mitchell   


The purpose of this policy is to outline the roles at camp that need to be fulfilled. These roles can be filled by different people at different camps and one person can fulfil more than one role at any given camp. The Leader is responsible for assigning roles.

Responsible Leader: Responsible for the whole camp. Organises the event, runs the event, ensures proper Nights Away permit cover, organises/arranges transport to from the event, overall safety, manages the camp bank and is the primary point of contact for any forms of authority, e.g. parents, camp wardens, police, doctors, etc. Also responsible for budget, etc and provision of a camp balancesheet, inconjunction with the troop finance manager.

Event Registrar: Responsible for registration of Scouts as they arrive and leave the event. This includes checking that we have completed all the right forms, provided all key information, payments, etc. Additionally the Event Registrar is responsible for initially collecting medications, penknives and pocket money.

Catering: Responsible for providing meals as required. Involves planning of the menu, sourcing food items and cooking the meals. Also responsible for provision of leaders food, e.g. fish supper when arriving at the camp site a day early.

Medic: Responsible for the well being of the Scouts, primarily responsible for first aid. Can assist with medication if required.

Health and Hygiene: Responsible for Scouts health & hygiene. Involves ensuring that they take appropriate medication, wash regularly, clean teeth, change clothes, etc as well as organising washing up of Scouts plates and billies, etc. Also responsible for the removal/management of slops.

Activities programme: Responsible for organising or booking the activities and ensuring that Scouts are where they need to be on time. Also responsible for onsite games, evening entertainment, camp fire, wide games and wet weather entertainment. Also responsible for arranging transport to/from activities.

Quartermaster: responsible for providing kit as requested by the other leaders and maintaining equipment whilst at camp as well as checking equipment in and out of the main troop QM store.

On bigger or more complex camps, a role may have supplementary support allocated to it as required.

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