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We take the ownership and handling of knifes very seriously. We therefore have a strict code of conduct we adhere to with regards to knifes.

Knife Policy Rules

Oure knife rules are as follows:

  • No Scout is allowed to bring a knife to any Scout related event UNLESS permission has been explicitly given by the Scout Leader or Assistant Scout Leader (NOTE: the young Leaders are not permitted to give this permission)
  • At event where Scouts are allowed to bring knifes they will hand all knifes in to the Scout Leader to be locked in the 'Bank' scout may then ask for their knifes as and when they wish to use them.
  • Knifes are NOT allowed in the sleeping tents.
  • Knifes are to only be used in the designated areas (typically around the campfire, in the kitchen/mess tent, in the axe area, or at the location of an activity that warrants the use of a knife, for example at the site where the Scouts are building a bivouac).
  • Scouts are only allowed to carry their knifes to/from these areas and use them unsupervised within these areas if they have a 'Witling Chip'.
  • Once a Scout has earnt their Witling Chip they agree to abide by the knifes owners rules written on the back. If they are seen to break a rule, one corner of the Witling Chip will be cut off, once all four corners are gone, they have to resit the Knife usage test again before they can use their knife unsupervised.

Witling Chip

Scout acquire the Witling Chip by passing the Knife safety & usage test. this test involves the Scout demonstrating to one of the Scout Leaders that they understand the Knife Safety rules and that they are able to whitle a piece of wood safely. Typically this involves making a woggle from a tree branch.

Knife Safety Rules

The knife safety rules are as follows:

  • I understand the reason for safety rules.                                                       
    I will treat my pocketknife with the respect due a useful tool.                                                       
    I will always close my pocketknife and put it away when I am not using it.                                                       
    I will not use my pocketknife when it might injure someone near me.                                                       
    I promise never to throw my pocketknife for any reason.                                                       
    I will use my pocketknife in a safe manner at all times.

Recommended Knifes

All knifes must comply with UK law. Guides to the law around knives can be found here:



It's not necessary for Scouts to have knives and a Scout who didn't have a knife would in no way be disadvantaged as we have a limited number available to lend but they are old and have been well used by previous generations of Scouts which is one of the reasons why we recommend Scouts have their own knifes. The other reason is that for us it is a fantastic opportunity to develop personal responsibility in young Scouts.

When it comes to things like fire lighting, shelter building and back woods cooking having a good sharp knife makes life a whole lot easier. We firmly believe that you need to buy the best quality knife you can afford. Cheaper knives don't hold their edge and blunt easily which makes them dangerous.

We recommend two types of knife for the Scouts:

A Swiss Army pen knife.

Two blades, one small one big. The knife doesn't need to have all the extra tools. A small pen knife is ideal for cutting cord, preparing small food and a whole host of small tasks around camp. It's small and fits in pockets easily. For example Victorinox knives links to knife retail sites:



A Mora fixed blade knife (Sheaf Knife).

You can get them in bright colours so the are difficult to lose. A larger fixed blade knife makes preparing fire wood easier, enables the Scout to compleat more complex tasks such as shelter building. There are again no end to the uses that a bigger knife can be put to. For example Mora Knife links to knife retail sites:



Knife Safety is something we are passionate about. Before a Scout can use a knife they must complete a training package and demonstrate to a Scout Leader that they are safe and understand the law and the Scout rules. Once a Scout has proved they have the basic knowledge, and are safe, they are issued a "Witling chip" (a permit to use knives on camp) this permit can be revoked at any time for a breach of safety or inappropriate behaviour.

We will inform parents and guardians if the Scouts need to bring knives to a meeting or a camp.

We ask that you the parent or guardian transport the knife to and from the hut or camp site in a box or a bag with your Scouts name clearly written on it and then give it to the leaders for safe keeping. We will issue the knives to the Scouts so that they can complete the activity and then take them back once the activity is over.

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