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Written by Ian Mitchell   

Although Scouting is about fun there are times when different behaviors are appropriate. For example at camp we can be a lot more relaxed that on parade. Generally we expect the Scouts to follow the Scouts promise and law, even when outside Scouting because these rules set up the young Scout with valuable life skills.

Hall: When in the hall we expect the Scouts to be quiet and polite when we are talking (typically during ceremonies and instructional sessions).Other than these key times they can make as much noise as they like.If the noise gets to much they can ask to 'sit out' for a bit in the quite room. We do however expect all Scouts to stop talking and pay attention to any leader who raises a hand in the air. This is our primary way of attracting their attention. This mechanism is also effective in noisy games when it is difficult to hear leaders over their excitement.

Field: when playing/working in the field we would expect they to be polite, not only to each other as they would in the hall, but also be polite to other members of the public they may encounter. In the field/woods to attract their attention we will blow three short blasts on a whistle. This also helps them gauge how far to go, in that if they think they will not be able to hear the whistle, they have gone to far and should go back.

Parades & Outings: When out and about we expect the best of behavior from all Scouts. They are after all representing the whole Scout association in these situations.


One type of behaviour we do not tolerate within Scouting is bullying. Persistent bullies will be removed from the troop. If your child encounters any bullying please contact any of the leaders and we will deal with it as soon as is possible.

Disciplinary procedures

Our procedures for dealing with disciplianry matters are as follows:

  1. Firstly talk to the Scout regarding their behaviour explaining what is and isn't acceptable.
  2. If the problem persists notify the parents
  3. If the problem still persists, arrange a meeting with the parent/guardian to discuss the future of the Scout within or outwith the troop.
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