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The Scout Troop have a tuck shop that the Scouts are allowed (and encouraged) to buy their sweets & drinks from, with their parents permission. The more they buy the better the events we can organise for the Scouts.

The objective of the Tuck Shop is to raise funds for the troop to go towards activities and events we hold throughout the term. Any funds left over will go towards end of term prizes for the Patrol Competition.

The Tuck Shop is open on Scout evenings between 18:45 & 19:00 and 20:30 & 20:45 (if their is a queue we will stay open later). THe Tuck Shop may also perform guest appearances at events we hold throughout the year.

One of our Young Leaders (Gareth) will be running the Tuck Shop, so any requests for favourite sweets/snacks/drinks should go to him.

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