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Written by Ian Mitchell   

This term we will be focusing on the Community Challenge badge as well as the Writer Activity Badge.

This term runs from 6th January to 30th March 2012.

The programme of events for this term will be as follows:

Week Location Activity Objective Badge Uniform Responsible Leader
06/01/2012 Hall Games night Break into the new year gently. No Relaxed Matt M
13/01/2012 Chelmsford Ice Skating Show off those talents No Scarf Ian
20/01/2012 Hall Cooking planning Plan a menu with the named items around the theme. Yes Relaxed Jo
21/01/2012 Chelmsford Surprise Day trip Coppers and notes. No Relaxed John
27/01/2012 Hall Ready, steady, burn Cook their menu, it's a cook off! Yes Relaxed Jo
 28/01/2012Gloucester Park Swimming Gala  Win the swim! YesRelaxed Ian 
03/02/2012 Hall Promise and Law At the heart of Scouts. Why do we say what we do. No Relaxed John
Investitures Invest new Scouts this term
10/02/2012 Hall Bring Best Buddy BBQ Don’t have dinner, save space for the burgers. No Relaxed Ian


Half term

24/02/2012 Hall Community Poster Building Get them ready for the lobby. Yes Relaxed  Gareth
02/03/2012 Hall Games night Yahoo No Relaxed PLs
 09/03/2012 HallBang,Bang,Pop, Pop Air Rifle Shooting. No Relaxed Jo 
16/03/2012 Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker Special Agent Training  All night activities and sleep over No  Scarf  Ian
23/03/2012 Gilwell Community weekend Camp Work & camp at gilwell. The other heart of Scouts. Yes Relaxed Claire
30/03/2012 Hall Movie and Bean Bag Bring a Bean Bag, Watch a movie. No Scruffs James

See you there.

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