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Written by Ian Mitchell   

This term we will be focusing on the Promise Challenge badge as well as the IT Staged Activity Badge.

This term runs from 7th September to 14th December 2012 inclusive.

The programme of events for this term will be as follows:

Week Location Activity Objective Badge Uniform Responsible Leader
07/09/12 Hall Games Night 00/01/1900 No Relaxed Kiah
08 - 09/09/12Barleylands Steam Rally support Leaders and over 14's helping out at Barleylands to raise funds No Relaxed Ian 
14/09/12 Hall Code of Conduct Promise 1 - Review our on-line policies. Yes Relaxed Claire
21/09/12 Hall Rocket Man Make an indoor rocket No Relaxed Paul
28/09/12 Hall Hot gossip Promise 2 - topical flash debates Yes Relaxed James
05/10/12 Brentwood Boing said Zebedee A visit to the brentwood trampoline centre. Eat dinner early! No Scarf Claire
12/10/12 Hall 3 of the best Promise 3 - Reflect on when you have fulfilled your promise. Yes Relaxed Ian
Investitures & Awards Invest new Scouts this term, present patrol comp awards.
 13 - 14/10/12Belchamps PLAWPatrol leaders only. Activity weekend. No Relaxed Ian 
19/10/12 Hall Jambo, hot hot hot Discuss the highlights and low lights of the 2012 EIJ. Yes Relaxed Paul
26/10/12 Hall Pagan Party Get down with our old ways. Yes Relaxed Jo
02/11/12   Half term     
04/11/12Lake MeadowsFireworks Pickup Raising charity money by picking up fireworks, etc. Yes RelaxedIan 
09/11/12 Stock Night Hike A scary night out in the woods. Watch out for those Essex Lions. No Scarf Ian
11/11/12High Street Remembrance Parade Parade along the high street to pay our respects to the fallen heros. No  FullIan 
16/11/12 Hall Games Night Funky fun, with a promise theme No Relaxed Matt M
23/11/12 Hall Loosing my religion Make up a religion from the basics. Yes Relaxed Jo
30/11/12 Hall Geek it up - part 1 IT Staged Activity badge. Yes Relaxed Ian
07/12/12 Hall Geek it up - part 2 IT Staged Activity badge. Yes Relaxed Ian
14/12/12 Slopes Skiing A night on the piste. No Scarf John
15/12/12IcelandBag Packing Raising funds to buy some new patrol tents. No Full Ian 
22/12/12IcelandBag PackingRaising funds to buy some new patrol tents. No Full Ian 
23/12/12Iceland Bag PackingRaising funds to buy some new patrol tents. No Full Ian 
29/12/12Towngate Park that sleigh Fund raising by running the Basildon Council carparkNo Full Ian 

Additionally, as part of the promise challenge badge, throughout the term, we will be asking the duty patrol to do 30 second reflections/prayers. 

See you there.

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