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Written by Ian Mitchell   

This term we will be focusing on the popular Creative Challenge award and the Chef Activity badge. This will involve the Scouts achieving many creative and artistic activities.

This term runs from 9th September to 16th December 2016 inclusive.

The programme of events for this term will be as follows:

Week Location Activity Objective Badge Uniform Responsible Leader
9/9/16 Hall Fun and Games Recap on the Jamboree, games and a look at this terms programme. No Regular IM
16/9/16 Hall Lights, Camera, Action 1 Plan a short video on Scout subjects, e.g. Knife safety, packing a kit bag. One per patrol. Creative Regular CV (no IM, DM)
23/9/16 Hall Lights, Camera, Action 2 Film the video clips for their short videos. Creative Regular CD (no IM, DM, CV)
30/9/16 Hall Lights, Camera, Action 3 Edit clips into a masterpiece and publish. Creative Regular CV
7/10/16 Hall Badges Explained A walk through how the badges work and the gaps you need to fill. No Regular PR
Investitures & Awards Invest new Scouts this term, present patrol comp awards.
14/10/16 Hall Twist and shout Make Twists; the more creative the better. The best one wins the Tuck shop token for the night :-) Creative Regular PR
21/10/16 Hall Micro Gang show The infamous ‘If I wasn’t a Scout leader I….’, plus other skits for a parent show. Creative Regular IM
28/10/16 Half Term
4/11/16 Hall Go go gadget Make a camp Gadget. More fun than it sounds ;-) Creative, Camper Regular CD
6/11/16 Lake Meadows Fireworks pickup Fund raising for the troop by helping to clear up after the Billericay fireworks No IM
11/11/16 Hall Ready, Steady Cook - planning Plan a weekends meal, choose one to cook the next week. Chef, Creative Regular PR
13/11/16 High Street Remembrance day parade Remember the fallen. Attendance expected by all Scouts. No Full IM
18/11/16 1st Runwell A night on the town The district night hike. Hikes Scruff IM (no PR, CV)
25/11/16 Hall Ready Steady Cook - cooking It's a cook off with real guest judges. Chef, Creative Regular IM
2/12/16 Hall Make your own cutlery bag Make it and use it; getting ready for net years many camps. Creative Regular CD
9/12/16 Hall Mega International Poster Create a massive poster to advertise Kandersteg 18. Creative, International Regular DM
16/12/16 tbd Blow the lights out A night of laserquest. No Scruffs PR

See you there.

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