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This term we will be focusing on the Promise Challenge badge as well as the World Faith and My Faith Activity Badges.

This term runs from September 4th 2009 to December 18th 2009.

The programme of events for this term will be as follows:

 Week LocationActivity ObjectiveResponsible Leader
 04/09/09 HallParents evening
Inform parents of the new introductions & a big announcement.  Ian
 11/09/09 HallBillericay churches walk
Explore the religious buildings within Billericay. Ian
 18/09/09 HallCool Wall Code of Conduct
Write the rules by which the Troop cool wall will be governed.
 25/09/09 HallGames Night
Time to have some fun.  Gareth
 02/10/09 HallInvestitures & Promise Exploration
Explain to new Scouts the meaning of the Promise
 Matt H.
 09/10/09 Hall
Build our Cannon
Prepare for the District Night Hike that we are hosting this year.
 16/10/09 Hall
 23/10/09 Hall
No Scouts - Half term
 31/10/09 Fire StationCreepy car Wash
Fund raising for Summer Camp 2010
 06/11/09 HallMap & Compass
A refresher before the Night Hike Claire
Lake Meadows
Fireworks pickup
Fund raising for summer camp 2010
 13/11/09 Hall
Night Hike


Review Night Hike
To honestly review an activity to decide how it could be done better.
 27/11/09 HallReligious Visit
Visit a place of worship to explore the differences between this and our religions
 Car Parking
Fund raising for Summer Camp 2010
 04/12/09 Hall
Christmas Debate
To take part in a debate on a topic of local or national interest
 11/12/09 Hall
'Do your best' review
To explain how over the past term the Scouts have 'done their best' on at least three separate occasions.
 EddiesBowlingChristmas Bowling competition
 23-24/12/09 WaitroseBag Packing
Fund Raising for Summer Camp 2010
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