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This policy outlines the objectives, role and scope of the Genesis Council (herein refered to as the Council). If you wish to be a member of the Council please contact the Scout Leader.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the Council is to provide a mechanism by which the community & parents collective views can be objectively voiced to the troop leadership. With the following objectives:

  1. Provide feedback on programmes from a parents and community perspective
  2. Ensure we are communicating appropriately with the parents & the community
  3. Investigate why Scouts leave/don’t start
  4. Organise fund raising events 
  5. Identify other activities parents and the community could help the troop with

Council Membership

The Council shall be made up of the following representatives:

  • A chairperson 
  • 3 - 6 parent representatives
  • 1 - 2 young leaders
  • The Scout Leader.

The Council will be run and meetings chaired by the chair person, as appointed by the Scout Leader and agreed with the Council.

Before someone can leave the Council, they MUST find a suitable replacement.


Meetings will be held at an agreed location (not necessarily the hall), on a regular basis, a minimum of once every six weeks or more frequently if specific events require it.


Minutes of each meeting will be taken and posted as minutes within the Council page on the Genesis troop section of the 5th Billericay website for everyone else to see what has been agreed and fulfilled. Within the Council a Facebook group shall exist for inter group discussions, etc.


The agenda for each meeting shall be as follows:

  • Opening, introductions and confirmation of agenda
  • Feedback on past events, etc.
  • Topics as per the objectives above
    • Programme Feedback
    • Communication
    • Scout retention
    • Fund raising
    • Other activities
  • Up coming events
  • AOB

This Charter shall be agreed or re-ratified annually, or when more than 3 members have changed.

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