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Genesis Council Minutes 6th November 2012.

Present Ian Mitchell, Jo Ellis, Andrea Beadle, Greg Hunt

Update on Previous Items:
Parents/Friends skills audit letter put forward for consideration - positive feedback - suggestion to add space to include an email address for contact. JE to action and forward revised copy to Ian for distribution.

Andrea and Greg were not aware that there is a Scout Badge app for Apple and Windows devices. General discussion around badges - staged badges, interest badges, how to get badges assessed. contact Leaders if you need help getting a badge assessed. Coaches/Teachers etc are suitably qualified to assess. Should be provided with the badge syllabus from the Scout website or app and a note provided by the coach/teacher to say that required criteria has been met.
Consider use of badge wallchart to record Scouts successes and generate more interest and ambition from Scouts -at present all done on spreadsheet for leaders, so not visible to other Scouts/Parents/other sections within the group. General notice to parents about apps for smart phones.

Andrea said that she would like to see more contact between the various sections - maybe more shared events. We are planning to reinstate a more formal moving up programme to help with the transition between Cubs and Scouts. Likely elements of the programme will be:
1). a visit to the Cub pack by the Scout leader or one of the ASL's in the term prior to moving
2). a chance for Cubs to join the Scouts for two or three meetings in the term prior to them moving up
3). a buddy system on moving up
4). better communication to parents of the process and a get to know you session since Scouts are encouraged to be more independant and parents tend not to come into the hall

Fostering Community Spirit:
A quiz night was suggested to get to know other parents - it was pointed out that these are held periodically but not particularly well attended. Rather than do our own, it was suggested that we could attend one of the group quiz nights and support the group, whilst hijacking it for our own ends!
Greg said that he would like more Parent and Kids type events - maybe as the next stage of the car park tidy up and that he was very keen to try Cat Curry having heard all about it after Jamboree.
Action: IM or JE to find out the date of the next Group Quiz Night and promote it among our parents.

Ian has been in discussion with Basildon Council about manning one of their car parks as a fundraising event - a space was available for us to man the Westgate Car Park on Saturday 29th December so we have accepted. Further details to follow. Suggest full communication to parents and some training for the Scouts prior to this event.

Andrea volunteered to speak to Waitrose, Poundland and Iceland about bag packing in the run up to Christmas as a fund raising event.

Greg mentioned that Stanstead airport have a local charity fund, that groups can apply to. Will find out more as has used them successfully before.

Question asked about whether the High Street Christmas event will be taking place this year - could be a potential fundraising event.

Action: JE to pick up application form for Waitrose token scheme and talk to Stuart Ellis at Crystal Print about High Street event.

Andrea suggested sending some letters requesting sponsorship - general suggestion that we ask for donations towards a specific item or event - eg new tents. Organisations we could target include:
Lions Club, Round Table, Rotary and Wickford Carnival Association.

Uniform Consultation:
The uniform consultation was discussed - feedback is being asked for from Scouts and parents - decision will be made in the New Year with full role out by Easter for the summer term.

Next Meeting:
8th January 2013, 8.30. Kings Head, Billericay.
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